Wednesday, August 01, 2007

They Got OUT!

Wow, Quecreek times (more than) seven.

Sixty-nine coal miners who were trapped in a flooded shaft in China for more than three days were rescued today.

The miners, who were uninjured, were trapped underground after the state-owned Zhijian mine, in Shan County, Henan province, filled with river water early on Sunday. Thirty-three others managed to escape.

The men were pulled out alive at midday to applause from onlookers, the Xinhua news agency reported. Most were unable to walk unassisted, but some were carried away on stretchers.......

Rescuers piped air into the shaft in an attempt to keep the miners alive and buy time in which to save them.

They poured 549 litres of milk down an 800-metre ventilation pipe, and the men drank it from their helmets. Xinhua said the milk was their only source of nourishment in 76 hours.

Hundreds of rescue workers struggled to prevent more river water from entering the mine as they pumped floodwater from the shafts and cleared silt.

Earlier, Xinhua said the area where the miners were trapped was dry, and had both electricity and a telephone line....


Blogger Wordsmith said...

I thought this incredible as well. Hardly a mention in our media.

I'm following the Huntington mine for two reasons: it's regional, I'm in Idaho; and, the owner of Grewel is a friend of Mitch McConnell, whose wife is Labor Secretary. He's also from Pepper Pike, OH (where I graduated from college) and Pepper Pike is pretty darned exclusive. Our college just 'happened' to have built 'way out of town' when not much else was physically around it.

I also understand the blogging thing. I have to work, feed the cats, wash clothes...the usual and it's just me - and I have NO time. :)

1:54 PM  

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