Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blogsphere Loses Well-Known Job-Safety Site

Jordan Barab, who has maintained the "Confined Space" blog focusing on job safety and health for years now, yesterday announced that he is taking another job that will make it impossible to keep up his work on the site. He's going to a staff job on Capitol Hill, where he'll have policy input.

Commenters are writing in already to say how much they'll miss his work and wondering what can fill the gap.

"Confined Space" has in many ways been a fine insipration for what blogs at their best can be: Illuminating, interesting, in-depth -- making connections, filling in gaps, and contributing original material -- and also very important -- updated virtually every single day.

I've long admired it and wondered how Jordan could manage it along with the job he had before!

His next-to last post was an excellent example, giving an in-depth update on the situation in Libby, Mont., where back in the 90's, the town was found widely contaminated by asbestos from a recently defunct mining operation. Well worht reading.

Thanks, Jordan, for blogging all those years, and best luck!


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