Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Charleston Gazette Follows The Money. Plus....

The Charleston Gazette shows how New York billionaire Wilbur L. Ross Jr. came to control the company that owns the Sago Mine, and how the change in the mine's parent company last fall didn't make all that much difference to safety on (and under) the ground. A great follow-the-money piece.

Incidentally, Brent Bozell's right-wing site Newsbusters fingered Gazette environmental reporter Ken Ward for a "long-time activist" but has backed down.

Ward and Mine Safety and Health News editor Ellen Smith both found themselves un-invited to an early conference call the Mine Safety and Health Administration held with reporters on Sago, even though (or because?) both are long-time bird-doggers on mine safety issues.

Coincidentally or not, Department of Labor assistant secretary for public affirs Lisa Kruska (in charge of media for MSHA mong other things) apparently used to work with another Bozell outfit, the Parents' Television Council. (See contact line on linked news release.)

Who is this Brent Bozell, and why does he matter?

Connecting too many dots here....? Or not enough?


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