Friday, January 06, 2006

From Ellen Smith, Editor of Mine Safety and Health News

Ellen has been very visible (and audible) in the media this week as frustrated journalists seek authoritative information and the government has been slow to respond. She sends this comment on Sago:

I hope that you bloggers saw Wilbur Ross on T.V. last night (ABC) where he stated that he knew of the problems at the mine, including the unintentional roof falls, and he did not think it was so bad.

After looking at the size of these roof falls... well,let's just say that I’m glad these miners had hard hats.

-- Ellen (AKA Alice)

>On Dec. 5 there was an unintentional roof fall on the 2 left mains section in the #8 entry 2 block inby spad station 3997. the fall measured 18' w x 7' high x 19'long.

>On Nov. 27 there was an unintentional roof fall on the on the north east mains, #4 entry (return) @ 39 block, spad station #3781. The fall measured 18' high, 20' wide, 70' long.

>On Nov. 25 there was an unintentional roof fall on the northeast mains, #6 entry(track) 1 break inby spad #3919. This fall measured 40' long x 20' wide x 7' high.

>On Nov. 7, a miner was injured when a coal rib fell striking his lower right back.

>On Oct. 26 there was an unintentional roof fall in the northeast mains 1 break inby spad station # 3762, #7 entry. The fall measured 5' h x 30' long x 18' wide.

I missed that T.V. show. Wry comment, indeed...hard hards obviously being of little help in a roof fall as massive as some of these.


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