Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You Just Couldn't Make This Stuff Up

Shredding the facts and using them as confetti, Episode No. we've lost count:

Today's not-to-be-missed story is in the Courier-Journal.

"The crowd must have been impressed at last week's hearing on the Department of Labor budget. Two real players were on the floor...

Chao, who says the feds are doing a fine job, obviously needed an assist at the hearings. Into the lineup came Northup, saying, 'As I understand it, the new West Virginia law that pertains to mining safety requires technology that, now that it has been signed, turned out not to really exist or hasn't been developed. Before we pass more laws, I think it's important we invest in more development.'

'You're absolutely right,' chirped Chao."

Only the devices they're discussing are already used in about a dozen U.S. mines according to testimony in other Congruessional forums since the Sago explosion.

For instance, the manufacturer was showing them at a Senate-side technology roundtable one a week ago.


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